Charles Barkley drops bombs on politicians


Charles is the man! Pretty much any time he speaks on this stuff, I believe same as what he says.

The question is always the same. Who benefits from all this shit? It’s the tippy top that benefits.


:laughing: They must truly hate him 'cause he drops truth bombs on those faggots or just plain talks shit all the time.


love that guy.


Charles is one of VERY FEW black athletes that’s always speaks the real truth and also speaks up for whites and especially poor whites.

His book “ I might be wrong but I doubt it “ is a good read.


Spot on Chuck! I believe that too.


What was the context of what they were talking about…Georgia?

In for later, usually like what Chuck has to say. Thanks for the recommendation @NKcell on the book, I’ll have to check it out

That’s the 2nd greatest rant I have ever heard from Sir Charles

Thanks for sharing!

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I fucking love Chuck! 95% of the time when it comes to social or political reasons he’s always the voice of reason on Inside the NBA.

Ernie is pretty sensible too like when he called out the league for having a double standard over the Luka “bitch ass white boy” incident.

That was awesome.

Been saying it forever fuck democrats fuck Republicans. Good for Chuck for speaking the truth

4 later

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" you know the world is going to hell when the best rapper is white and the best golfer is black" - quote from barkley a few decades ago…awesome quote

Barkley is definitely one of my favorite sport’s commentators and one of my favorite sport’s personalities.

And, he is spot on with this.

Lmfao coming from a tds libtard

While I agree with you, it pisses me off that there even has to be a voice of reason when it comes to political talk during sports broadcast.

This past year somehow politics inserted itself into places it had no business being in. Sports.

Love Barkley. Like it or not he says what he thinks. In this case I think he is 100% right.


“…and the tallest basketball player is Chinese”

I wild each it lol