Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennet ?

Does anyone know about the Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennet VS Sean O'Haire fight? Or have any info on it?

Is this upcoming? I know Bennet will be fighting a rematch with WIlliam Srypai (well respected Muay Thai guy) in KOTC on June 12. Bennet won the first bout but it was a last minute fight for Srypai. This card also has Allessio vs. Santiago (ATT) on it.

Bennet choked out O'Haire at a MMA show.

O'Haire was screwing with a friend of Bennets (supposedly with racial slurs) and Bennet jumped onto O'haires back sinking a rear naked choke.

O'Haire is a pro-wrestler by the way who was just released not long ago by the WWE

"BH: Right on, let me ask you this, does the name Sean O'Haire mean anything to you?

Krazy Horse: I've never heard of him.

BH: A big WWE wrestler.

Krazy Horse:'s true, it's true, it's true!

BH: Can you tell us what happened?

Krazy Horse: Yeah I can' t say he was fighting with a dude during one of my fights, but at the same time, I will just say that there was a dispute going on, I choked him out, with his crew there, I did choke him out. I let him go when I saw his people reaching at my face and stuff, they noticed that I was down there choking him, so I let him go and got the hell out of Dodge before they tried to hurt me. But yeah, I choked Sean O'Haire out.


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BH: Because they were messing with one of your boys?
Krazy Horse:Yeah, yeah he was one of my homies, pretty much.

BH: And that guy goes about 6'5" and 270 lbs.?

Krazy Horse: Yeah, but I jumped up on him from behind.

BH: I heard you went flying over like three rows of people, landed right on his back, and sunk it?

Krazy Horse: Yeah, that's what happened, that's the whole truth."

Hahaha. That's pretty funny.

Krazy Horse is a bad bad man!