Charles McCarthy gain weight(pic)

its worse news when your rash guard can not contain you.

ITS EVEN WORSE news when you arent looking at what you are swinging at, when you are trying to target your strike!


What the.............. HOLLY HELL, LMAO!!!


Chainsaw, I just sent you a "Forum e-mail" to the letter by your screen name check it out, Holla back.


It looks like your belly, Carlao.

cagefighter: replied

Just sent ya another..... if you dont mind?

Sorry to bother you.



nah it does not look like my belly, my belly has a tan and that makes it much sexier

Even worse when you wear pajama pants to an mma fight

I don't know, I think he should have worn even more distracting pants...

have ome pride.


elite athletes

Is that supposed to even resemble Charles? I don't get it.

Good lord, people is a joke, the guy in the picture, his name is Charlie McCarthy.  Hahaha.  Shit it lost the fun if I have to explain.


That is not Chainsaw. It is a picture of Cole Miller training before he starts cutting weight for a fight. Iv'e seen him cut from 230lbs to 145lbs in six weeks.
Goodluck Cole!


You dont have to explain sir. We know Cole has a weight problem. The miller family appreciates you trying to cover for Cole by saying the photo is of Charles. Stay away from Micky De's Cole!