Charuto back teaching.....

what's up!!! I'm back teaching HMC ... mon wed sat at 12:00pm and tue at 7:30pm and fri at 6:30pm... i'm stoked to come back...didn't know what to do with myself .... if any info please email me at
see you there!!!!


Awwwww Tiger ! welcome back

welcome back indeed...
by the way... where the hell were YOU 3D???... ;)
you would've loved today's class...
i actually thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest at one point... :)

3D has love handles Lol!!!!


Luv handals, i do have,,,,,HMCwolverine i was there at 7:30 pm Mon. night,,,,,Ray Elbe, wuz krackin wit cha !