charuto checkin in

aloha!!! Just let everyone know that i will do a seminar in North Caroline...
Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, September 8th from 12pm-3pm @ Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy, 38 N.Lumina Ave, Wrightsville Beach NC. 28480
hope see you there,,, charuto


LOL, man, you do realize you posted this when it's about 4:00 am on the east coast of the US.

Make sure you come back and TTT this during peak times man, you got the night shifters now....most of them are probably on tapout.

Hope to see you back in the UFC Charuto, always an exciting fighter.

TTT... I'll get it to the top during some peek times on the East Coast

I'll help Baby Joe.


he could always post on tapout... oh man, nevermind.


I like the way you represnted yourself on the TAPOUT show, always enjoyed your fights, GL in future fights...

Aloha Roots! Good luck with the seminar.

Is your next bout vs. Jake Shields, as reported on





Aloha! I have always wanted to say that

Wish I could make that one. Would love to train some jitz with Charuto.


Charuto, I wish I can someday attend one of your seminars. I think it would be cool.

One question still hasn't been answered or at least I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Why didn't you finish Matt Hughes with a triangle armbar either from the bottom or top? Why did you wait so long while getting the top triangle? I was screaming my head off for you to submit him.


i'm gonna get more info and let everyone know...
by the way i'll be facing shields set 15 in's gonna be fun to watch...aloha...

That should be a good fight! Anyway can't believe how many people were up at 4 in the morning. Does no one goto sleep anymore?

ttt for Charuto. I wonder if the bout with Shields is for EliteXC's 170 title? Shields said something about his next fight maybe being for a title.