charuto checking in

Hey ,guys!! What's happening...first i want to say thanks to everybody that apreciate my fighting style and for evrybody that helped me to achieve this level....right now i wnat to focus in something that i love and i left i behind for so long ...teaching i was training and i didn't have the time to do what i think i can do had a really good chance to fight with the best that's out there in my division..of course get so many that i want to have the chance to match with ,but i want to have some time off to relax and rebuild what's left of not done yet but i think that time is the best thing now...i'll be back teaching at HMC in honolulu and i'm gald to be back teaching....thanks again for my friends and RAZE,MIKE LEDGER TATOO,FOKAI,DAHUI,HAMAKUA COAST MACADEMIA NUTS,BJ PENN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY,HMC KICKBOXING,SPLIT AND YOU .....ALOHA..CHARUTO


Always a class act, good luck in everything you do Charuto!

50-50 ...tough one...i'm jiu-jitsu all the way!!!


How you been?


TTT... Good to see u bro!!

glad to read your post, always loved watching you fight

take care charuto

Good luck with everything Charuto.

Hopefully we'll see you back fighting some day.

CHAARRRUUUUUUTTTOOOO!!! hope to see more great things from you.your a class act.(that cant be stressed enuff)


RAZE ohana for life!!!... :-)

Much respect charuto.

You're a great fighter, hope to see more of you.

you Definitely beat hughes.


Always been a fan, brother. Ever since the old Kodak building days across McKinley High School.

One of my personal favorites to watch, I hate seeing you leave. You were much better than your string of luck indicated and I hold your skills in very high regards.

Best wishes on your path.

good luck Charuto, i love the way you fight..

TTT Charuto fan 4 life....

Good luck with everything Charuto!