charuto checking in

Good luck Charuto

hope to see you kick more ass in the future

TTT for a badass

Hey Charuto

Your a great guy and fighter..Hope all is going well again

Good luck in the future.

I would love to be lucky enough to train with you some day.

It would be an honor to have you help me with my BJJ game...

hopefully one of these times I'm in Hawaii I can stop by and have the opportunity to train with you.

You are a class act and a great reflection on what the sport should be all about.


Please don't retire. You are a great fighter with great skills and the MMA world needs more fighters like you.

thanks for the good words..that's why i'm proud to say that i'm a mma competitor...aloha and see you here in the "paradise"....charuto


Hey Charuto. I just wanted to say I think you're a great fighter, and I was there when you beat hughes.

Charuto rules.

i have to say that i've re-watched the fight b/w you and hughes 10 or more don't seem like the type to whine about a bad break, so the UG will do it for got jobbed in that fight....good luck in all your future endeavors


When are you gonna come out to the N. Shore and train at Leif's house with us? Bring your board and we'll catch some waves!! Good luck on your future!!!

*Aloha, JD

Thanks for letting us see you fight Charuto, I think your are one of the best. For what its worth, alot of people thought you beat Hughes.

Best wishes!

Roots you da man! I bet after a lil time away and some training with'll find your way back in there with new motivation and we will see the Charuto who kicked Gil Castillo's ass, dominated Carlos Newton....and beat Matt Hughes...


ttt for charuto.

Best of luck Renato.

FYI...Charuto will be teaching the following days at
Sunday 1pm
Tuesday 7:30pm
Thursday 7:30pm
Friday 12noon

TTT for Charuto!

wow a rare Kickboxer5 sighting!!!

Charuto, I wish you all the best with your teaching, but I sincerely hope that your MMA days aren't over. You're a fighter I'd pay to watch.

since the first time i saw you fight against carlos newton, i was amazed at your bjj skill. keep doing what you do best man and PLEASE do an no-gi instrutional set for us. You'll have plenty of me.

good luck and hopefully i can attend one of your seminars someday.

"wow a rare Kickboxer5 sighting!!! "...LOL I know,
nowdays I'm hardly here, but I am definitely glad
that Roots is back! BTW, I heard Haru is putting on
some good classes at North Shore!

"kickboxerx5 is a jerk. "...if I'm a jerk then
nickpapagiorgio is a an "Uber Jerk"...j/k how you
been my man?