Charuto will overwhelm....

Carlos Newton!!! Charuto IS BJ Penn's TEACHER!!! the man is the best 170 lber most people have never heard of!! This is also the charuto victory bus. those that believe hop aboard. those that don't, you will believe after tomorrow.

BTW, newton is an awesome fighter, but charuto has what it takes to beat him, IMO.


I'm on the bus. :-)

i haven't heard too much about him..but the way you make him sound..i'm more excited to see this fight now...should be a good one!!

Although Newton's one of my favorite fighters, I think Charato is gonna win this one. In addition to Verissimo's credentials, Newton's record has gone win-loss-win-loss-win-loss etc. since he fought Johil de Olivera. Seeing as he just came off a win over Renzo, it stands to reason that he's gonna lose this one.

Obviously, you're on a short yellow bus. Newton by submission.

khaymanx. i'm not doing a spin off. these are charuto's credentials. this fight will be awesome. i will go with charuto on this one. like i said. this will be a win win for the fans of both fighters as both fighters bring their a game to the ring.

i feel that w/ his size and reach charuto will be a tough fight for newton. the only advantage that newton will have over roots will be his experience. any way im just glad im getting my seat early because after this fight the bus will be standing room only.

oh, i thought this was a weak trolling attempt. Newton by armbar round 1

Good Luck Charuto!!!!!!!!!!

Charuto is my coach so I've seen him fight and get to train with him on a regular basis... and I've also watched Newton's fights... IMO, Newton (who I also think is a great fighter by the way) doesn't have the standup to hang with Charuto, who although being a NovaUniao Jiu-Jitsu specialist, and yes... BJ's coach... has also been training Muay Thai for quite some time now with one of the best trainers out there... Haru Shimanishi... I've watched his fights and seen his last fight with Gil Castillo live so I've seen the evolution of his stand-up game and it's scary to say the least...

Newton mentioned in an interview that he thinks his fight with Charuto will be his first KO... which in my opinion means he's grossly underestimated Charuto's standup skills...

No need to even mention his ground credentials, being a NovaUniao black belt, BJ's coach, and a seasoned veteran of Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling comps... but noteworthy is also his tie-up skills when going into the clinch...

Sure there's heavy bias on my part since I'm one of Charuto's students, but I sincerely believe that Charuto has all the tools in his arsenal to take this fight... and of course I'll be rooting for him to do so...

Oh... and btw... I hear he's gonna' be sportin' threads from this awesome new fightwear clothing line called RAZE... ;)

TTT for Charuto

Bad fight for newton, Charuto has all the skills needed to beat newton. His stand up is better then newtons and he can definetly hang on the ground. Only thing newton has is experience. Charuto by KO late in the fight.

One thing's for sure and that is the fact that Nova Uniao BB Charuto will not get caught in an arm bar.

If I had money this is the fight I would bet on. Charuto will win.

I dont think anyone besides Matt Hughes can "overwhelm" Carlos Newton.

Im sure Charuto has the tools to beat Newton but Id be surprised if it wasnt a good fight.

Josh Hedges the UFC photographer took some awesome photo of Charuto check them out here.

its gonna be one to remember!