Charuto will overwhelm....


dude you are smoking crack. charuto is bj penn's BJJ instructor!! lot different than boxing trainer!! charuto is also a BJJ champ!!!! so LOL at you!

I'm with wopyojah on this one.

Most people who've seen Charuto fight don't think he's awesome because he's BJ's coach... Most people who've seen Charuto fight think he's awesome because he beats the living fuck out of his opponents...

CHARUTO is the real deal...

Deal wid it...

Newton by armbar round 1I don't think so. NOVA UNIAO!

wopyojah has enhanced his credibility.

charuto was very impresive.

I'm on the bus now, too. Charuto impressed the hell out of me

TTT for Charuts the mans got skills.

Yeah Charuto!
A lot of your students and friends in Hawaii are very happy for you. Aloha!

awesome match, really showed verrisimo's skill.

NOVA UNIAO made the show tonight. Congrats to BJ and Verissimio, absolutely incredible performances.


i TOLD YOU SO!! every1 from hawaii knew charuto's skills!! Hawaii has awesome fighter. yes i know charuto is from brasil but he fights outta hilo now!! hawaii will have more world champs shortly!!!!



thank you New World!!!

*wopyojah impersonating mr. Garrison in last wednesday's South Park*..."I don't mean to be a dickhole or anything, but I TOLD YOU SO!"


Clean sweep.

"Charuto" was extremely impressive and I hope to see him fight a lot more in the future....

"BJ Penn's Instructor" rocked

awesome fight and win for charuto. total domination standing and on the ground. great win roots.

Bus doors are closing..........All aboard!