Chas Bowling

 What's up everyone,

I'm kinda new to the mma game and the name I hear coming up in my area the most is Chas Bowling.  I've heard mixed opinions on the man as his guys seems quite loyal and those that aren't his guys have 1000 stories about why he sucks.  Does anyone on here have any opinions?  Is he a good guy?  Thanks!




i've only heard bad things from guys I know and trust about him and how he works.
therefore i have intentionaly steered clear of his dealings, so i have no first hand knowledge.

honestly, i dont know who the fuck he is.

 haha, thanks for the honesty and clarity Smackey.  Thanks for the reply SwampRocker

to be fair though, like you said, he has guys he takes care of that are loyal and speak well of him. i don't knw them. so i go buy what i hear from my friends.

 Well yea, that's the issue.  I try not to judge folks without knowing them, I mean it could be just sour grapes that makes people talk negative.  Or it could all be true, I dunno...

he posts here on occassion though. so i'm sure he'll get wind of this thread and show up.



are u paul scotts buddy from Nc. I think i talked to u at the Y in muncie last summer

 Yea Moose that's me.  How are you?  Talk to Paul lately?  What do you think of Chas?


 No opinions?  Good, bad, or otherwise except these couple?

Dan New, well I am originally from NC and at one time was a LEGEND in my own mind, they call me Ping Pong the man the myth the legend, lol. As for Chas I have known the guy for years. In life most people only trust those that are close to them everybody else is just a passer by. If I asked you for 10.00 you would say no if it was your best friend you would have no hesitation. That is Chas in a nut shell, although even friends can't get 10.00 he is half Jew. Chas, as much as Indiana hates to admit it has done more for MMA and has more connections in MMA than anybody. Most of the guys that talk trash are competitors. Everybody is trying to travel the road he paved without paying there dues, so the only way to beat your rival is through rumors and bad mouthing much like politics. There is not a team in Indiana that can compete with his team. And every wanna a be cage fighter wants him to get them on. I say head up to muncie train with his guys if you like him great if not o well nothing ventured nothing gained!

 2quick, thanks for the advice.

well pong pretty much summed it up I have had my issues but that is another story. I will not get into it publicly. As for training, I think that he has a bunch of talented fighters who would probably benifit from you and vice versa. As far as I know the training schedule is somewhat sporadic and you never know who is in charge. I hear that they are getting a new gym space so with that maycome some scheduled workouts with coaches not just a free work out.
I will also say that it has been over a year since I was with that team so a lot could have changed. I will back up ping pong and say that it is at least worth you time to go and train with them and see if it is a fit for you.

 Thanks Moose...I appreciate the help.

he punched me in the face once, now I work for him;)