Chat with the Shamrocks Today

Today (March 6th) at 1pm PT / 4pm ET join us for a special forum Q&A.

KEN SHAMROCK and RYAN SHAMROCK stop by the forums to chat with us all, just days before their fights in Cage Rage 25: "Bring it On!"

It's an MMA first with father & son fighting on the same card and a forum chat first as well.

Click here to start posting your questions!




Damn, I sure would like to ask Ken a question but there are way too many questions that would be ahead of mine and not enough time.

Living Death!

uhhh...And Living Death Junior!

Hyan Shamrock !

Crowbar-- they will both be on for an hour.  I''m confident they'll get to your question.

In all honesty... I doubt that Ken would publically answer my question because it deals with the IFC.I should of asked him when I was with the WEC.

But thank you for the heads up,I appreciate it.

^^^ Right on.