Chattanooga BJJ

Where can I train good people? I am purple belt, been training with Alliance in Atl for the last year plus. Where can I get some jammy wrestling love??

Never trained at Chattanooga BJJ, but the Chattanooga area has several places to train. If you want gi bjj then go to Chatt BJJ, if you want muay thai, mma and gi bjj then go to Blalock's IMB, if you want pure mma go to Chatt Fight Factory. Give me a text, would love to train with you, 423-488-3317

 I got a buddy at Chatt BJJ, he is a very very good purple and a very very cool dude. His name is Scott if you go up there. 

nogi4me: where do you train at?

do you know if any or all of those places lets any one come roll for a mat fee or anything cause i live bout a hour away from chatt and in between finding new schools to train at and i roll with a friend in chatt but always enjoy rolling with new people i am a blue belt by the way

hit me up with a email if ya want its

 the waters are pretty deep?