Anybody know much about this school? I live in Dayton TN about :45 min away. Worth the trip??

Who is the instructor? I don't know, but I've heard through the rumor vine that there are two BJJ schools in Chattanooga. One is legit, the other isn't. The legit one is run by a guy named Mickey, I think.

They have a myspace that has Mickey Swafford listed as the instructor

Anyone from here ever workout there?

I've been to a Pedro Sauer seminar there. Mickey is a Pedro black belt (recently, I think) under Eddie Camden. The school has a pretty small mat area, and I'm not really fit to comment on anything else. Seemed like a good place to train.

"The legit one is run by a guy named Mickey, I think."

there's your answer.....

Mickey is very very legit. Blackbelt under Pedro Sauder/Eddie Camden.

One of the better blackbelts you will train with. Super technical guy...and has a great Muay Thai program as well.

Casey were you at the fights last night??

45 minutes? 70 minutes from here and yes, worth the trip.

Mickey is a great guy and I hear he is a kick ass BJJ instructor/performer. His student looked really good in his first MMA fight last night.
Adam Singer

Mickey is the real deal as far his ability, teaching skill, and personality. I would highly recommend

He is having Ryron Gracie there again for a seminar by the way, I think Sunday, June 24rth.

"His student looked really good in his first MMA fight last night. Adam Singer"

Jeremy Jermainus. Train with him and he is very very good. Look for big things from him in the future.

wasn't at the fights last night. Thanks for the info.

The cool thing about Mickey is its very hard to find a BB with his kind of size. Not many other 6' 8" blackbelts out there.

Not only is Mickey a great guy, he is an extremely technical teacher and can break down moves to make them very easy to understand. If you can make it to his classes, it would be very much worth the drive. As posted above, he's a huge guy that's very, very technical. He posts on here so you should get a personal answer pretty quick.

Can't go wrong with Mickey. Great guy and very skilled.


Sounds like the place to go around here, I'll try a class and let you guys know how it went.

Guys thanks for all the kind words. 



Feel free to give me a call at the Academy 423-874-0222 and I will let you know about our program.  Or feel free to just drop in an try a couple classes. 



Chattanooga JJ Academy is your best bet. I trained there until I moved to NC. Mickey is the real deal. He is not only a top notch instructor, he is also a good guy that keeps a good atmosphere in his school. When/if I get to move back to Chatt-town I will resume training there immediately.

TTT for Mickey!


I will try to make it down on Tuesday. I work until 6:00pm thru the week, so 7:30 should work for me.