The 7:30 class is an advanced class, it would be a bad class to jump in and try because it has a totally different format than all other classes.  But you are still more than welcome to come by then and we can talk.


By the way, both my school (Chattanooga Jiu-Jitsu Academy) and Chet's school (Blalocks IMB) are legit schools, IMHO!




I went to school with a casey pendleton in Ankeny Iowa.

Mickey is a good guy and I second what Adam said his fighter looked good Friday night.

Known and trained with Mickey for a long time.  Amazingly technical for a guy of any size, Let alone 6'8" tall.  Great guy and great friend. Highly recommend him!


I am not by any means an advanced student but I have trained some grappling over the last 4 or 5 years. I am an Isshinryu student and have had 5 mma bouts. My first was with George Allen @ the SFO VI. That was a pro bout and George welcomed me into the sport with a :17 min fight ending in a RNC with a few stiches under my eye. I've be hooked ever since. The ground game is my weak spot and I'm looking to improve. I hope to see you Tuesday.


The mouth of the MW.

I'm not the same Casey you went to school with. I've been in TN my whole life.

Chatt lavender is opening a school in East ridge.

Train any nogi at Chattanooga JJ? What fights did the guys compete in?

Chatt is an awesome fighter and one of my best friends. I've worked out in his garage several times but Chicamauga is quite a haul from Dayton. I hope he does well.

nogi4me, do I know you??


Chatt and I wrestled on the same high school team. We once had an article in the local paper that stated that "Lavender and Pendleton form the nucleus(sp?) of what my be the best Rhea County team yet" That was one the high lights of our high shcool career.

nah man he is on east ridge now. him and chad miller are starting a gym. I have only trained with them a handful of times.

I will get in touch with Chatt. He is a great coach. I don't think I know Chad.

I've known Mickey for a number of years. You can't go wrong training with him. He's a great guy and a super technical instructor that offers a very clear presentation of the material.


"Train any nogi at Chattanooga JJ? What fights did the guys compete in?"

The guys training for MMA train nogi.  But they wear the gi during GJJ classes.

Jeremy fought in Atlanta at Brett Moses's Head on Colliison Card.




What days do you train MMA?


There are some prerequisites for the MMA training.  A student must meet the minimum time requirement of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and the minimum time requirement for Thai kickboxing, and then they must pass a physical fitness test to be allowed into the MMA training.


It sounds like you have a great program. I'm excited to check out the school.

Thanks for all the info.

I can vouch for Mickey, He is a Legit guy, And Damn he has BIG feet.........LOL

Thanks Brad, how is everything up your way??