Chattanooga: What a shithole

I’m in Chattanooga for a night. Flew in at 7. The airport is tiny, dirty, and filled with clueless people. There’s some sort of stalled construction out front, and people just parking anywhere in the pickup and dropoff areas. The airport is even smaller than Reno’s shithole airport, and could pass for a cow trading bazaar.

Hop in the rental, head to the hotel. The streets are nothing but pawn shops, ghetto hair and wig salons, run-down hotels. Naturally, my 3-star hotel is a 30 year-old dump with spotty internet and lumpy beds.

Summary: Nuke it from orbit. 2/10, worse than Phnom Penh


Ever been to Memphis?


Told myself I’d never set foot in that sprawling ghetto again back in 1999.

Which is worse in a head-to-head comparison?

Hard to say, as I haven’t been in Memphis in years. But so far, Chattanooga feels like a smaller, shittier version of Memphis. Less hood rats, though? I stopped at a CVS because I forgot my travel kit, and there is a crazy fucking thunderstorm going on. A woman entered the CVS, like 40, black, incredibly fat, wearing blue jeans, flip flops, a bikini top, and a face mask. It wasn’t the most “WTF?” thing I’ve seen today, but it was nuts.

Part of driving through here reminded me of being poor trailer trash when I was a kid back in Mississippi, back in the 80s. Just a bleak outlook.

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what about the Choo choo

Sounds more like chatta-no-go


It you’re staying anywhere near the airport, that area is ghetto and poor.

Downtown isn’t near the airport and can’t be compared to that area. Downtown is nice.


Sounds pretty shitty

I live in Nashville and driving there fucking sucks the few times I’ve done it. Crazy mountains and interstate. You can go 4 miles on the way home at one point without even touching the gas pedal.

Chattanooga isn’t bad at all. Someone needs to go to Youngstown, OH for some perspective lol.

I lived there for a couple years in the early 2000’s.

There were super ghetto areas, but also really nice areas including downtown, the area around the parks across the river, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, etc.

But when I lived there, everyone I knew had their car broken into at least once. I lived on campus and off of Brainerd Rd.

Never stayed, but its a gorgeous ass city to drive through.


I’ve been a few times and didn’t mind it at all.

Chattanooga is a regional tourism hub with an healthy tech sector.

It is doing fine.

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Downtown is really nice. I stayed at The Read House last year.

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OP has bed bugs.

The aquarium is cool.

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Chattanooga is where all the carpet people in Dalton, Georgia go, when they want to eat at someplace fancy - like Chili’s.

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