Chauvin never had a chance

Would any of you seriously consider a not guilty verdict if you were on that jury? You and your family would be in imminent ad severe danger if he was found not guilty.

I do think that Chauvin was guilty, but society had it’s mind made up well before the trial took place. Going against the collective will of society would have been suicidal.

Regardless of what you think (i don’t think he was guilty of all charges) he deserves a fair trial don’t you think?

Why were jurors dismissed who had a positive outlook on police officers… Yet a man who attended a protest against Chauvin and even wore anti Chauvin propaganda shirt directly related to the case was allowed on the jury? I mean obviously he lied so they didn’t know at the time but come on. That’s not justice.


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Lol. And you call yourself a pro fighter? Were you that dumb fuck on the witness stand that said a kimura a neck choke?

thanx for the quotes, had not seen them in the shorter interview that aired and wasnt ready to invest 27 minutes in watching the unedited piece. so thanx.

yeah on their own i dont think those quotes would be disqualifying retroactively, if he made them during voir dire i think he would have been dismissed, but imo most people have about that level of racial bias, given his other statements about being fair, and pressure, etc i would have considered him a fair juror…

BUT coupled with him not disclosing that he went to that march and claiming he doesnt remember wearing that shirt - the guy is a fucking asshole, probably a liar, and im now not so sure that unacceptable bias wasnt present - which is fucked up because i think chauvin was correctly convicted.

Everyone deserves a fair trial, but it was absolutely 100% not possible with this case and would not be with any retrial. Any juror with a half a brain knew they had to convict (not due to the evidence, but due to the the consequences). A not guilty verdict would have caused riots (more people would die) and would put all jurors in great personal jeporady.

I don’t know what the solution is here other than to only have these verdicts determined by a judge. The burden on an average juror is way too significant for them to be unbiased.