Cheap/Accurate BFI measurements?

I've been really curious to see what my body fat % has become since I've been laid up with a messed up knee for about 5 months off and on.

My only stipulations are that it must be cheap and must be somewhat accurate.

I'm currently about 6'3" and anywhere from 160 to 165 ( a good weight for my body type) and would like to keep a journal of my weight loss and gain combines with my fat loss. Thanks.

I found this site and they claim that it's +/- 3.5% of the accuracy of a hydrostatic test.

I just tried it. It gave me the results I expected. 26.1%

I am part of the fat ass challenge right now, so I'll try it every couple weeks and see what it says.

It told me I need to get down to 155. I think thats a little to low for me right now. I'm aiming for 170. Right now I'm 5'10 182.

It gave me results slightly higher than I expected. I was 17% and it told me to drop to 154. The only problem with that is I'm 6'3" and I can't sustain 154 for too long. I'd like something that takes into account my lanky build although that did give me a good start.

Well I just found about 5 or six different sites that asked for height and measurements and they all say about 13 to 14% which seems more believeable to me.

One asked me to measure my neck and one asked me to measure my wrist. Those seem more reliable since I have a thin frame.

Am I the only one finding it odd that they're recommending weights of 155-ish for guys that are 5'10" to 6'3"?

The easiest and most accurate way for the common individual is to buy a BF caliper and measure at your navel, the back of your arm, the top of your thigh, and add up the three for a total then divide it by three, that will give you a close estimate, that should be within 2% give or take.

Any idea where I could purchase one of these calipers?

155 is possible for me, but I can't stay there for very long, maybe a day at the most. My body type is so fucked up that the most I've ever weighed was 170 and that was partially due to some medications I was taking at the time.

Typically, my best weight is about 162 when I'm training and 162 when I'm not training. I neither gain or loose weight when not exercising anymore, I just change body fat percentage.

But, for the most part, I don't see how too many healthy people, even those with ectomorph builds, can stay at 155.

Heavy hands. has them. Tell them Cassidy sent you and they will help you out.