Cheap ColdFusion Hosting?

Anyone know of a dirt-cheap ColdFusion Web host that will still be in business tomorrow? The one I was using doesn't seem to exist anymore. (

This is for search engine gateway pages, so I don't need anything fancy at all. No databases, even. Hell, I don't care if they only have 75% uptime. I just need the inbound links to increase my Google page rank.

ttt , used it for about a year, it seems they only grow bigger, good prices though.

Thanks andryuha. Any others?

I'm actually using them already for another SE gateweay page. I try to keep them with different hosts to boost my Google PR. They have been really good though.

what is cheap? I pay $200 a month for a deticated server from I know that may not be "cheap" but having the flexability to do whatever you want is a definate advantage. The company isn't going anywhere either, they are huge.

If you want the best prices, is probably the place to go.

Like I said, it's nothing more than a search engine gateway page, so cheap = lowest possible price. Nobody ever visits the site. It's just there to point links to a main page, in order to boost my Google PR. We try to keep them under $10/month.

I don't mind paying the big bucks for accounts or dedicated servers that actually run stuff we use. I believe you get what you pay for in this business. We're currently paying for 4 dedicated servers.