Cheap double bass set up

Looking to get back into drumming after many years off and I'm looking for the cheapest double bass set up I can find to practice with. Can the soundground point me in the right direction?

A double bass pedal might be the ticket especially if you have space limitations though you have to play with batter weight and length to make it feel like a true double bass setup.

What kind of pedals do you prefer?

The cheap kind. I'm really just looking for a kit that I can practice on and not give a shit if I wreck it. Guitar Center had some decent deals over this past weekend, but no double bass set ups.

You'd be better of getting a double pedal for a single bass drum, especially if money is a concern.

Try out as many pedals as you can find in your price range and pick whatever feels best. I'd take a thirty year old speed king over an expensive chain cam, so it's completely a personal thing.

hefts stand up bass and "walks" out of thread disappointed