Cheap GameCube Games??

Could some of you guys help me out here??

I'm looking at a few games on amazon and I'm curious if anyone's played them.

I see that Godzilla:Destroy all Monsters is only 19.99, anyone played it, and if so, do you like it and is it worth 20 bucks??

Also curious about NFL 2K3 which is also only 20 bucks.

Legends of Wrestling?? Rally Championship??

I've got Animal Crossing, what's Pikmin like??

Whoa!! Turok Evolution is only 10 bucks!! I think I've found the game I want. :)

When I got my gamecube about a 2 months ago, Metroid was only 19.99!......Its one of the best games ive ever played

Really?? I couldn't find it for that cheap, I think I'm gonna get Turok anyways just for the multiplayer aspect.

Godzilla Melee is pretty fun. As a fighter, it's not that deep, and moves more at the pace of wrestling game, really. The monsters do vary greatly in their attacks and strategies, though. In addition to everyone's punch, kick, tail, and throw attacks, they've got short and long range, area effect, and even tunneling and teleporting attacks. All the kind of stuff you see in the movies. Most of my favorite monsters are in it, even if the Smog Monster and Mothra are power-up allies instead of playable characters, at least they're there.

The coolest part is how you interact with the environments. Picking up buildings and throwing them, throwing opponents into oil tankers, and using the city as cover is all very satifying. They even include the army as tiny tanks and copters that harass whoever's currently doing damage to the city. SF, London, Tokyo, Osaka, etc are all thoroughly trashable.

It looks nice, too. I use it as a gee-whizz game sometimes, showing off what the Cube can do graphically. Lots of stuff going on at once, decent level of detail, all the monsters look just as awkward and ridiculous as you'd expect from the movies.

But, I got bored with the single player game after a week. There's not that much variety in modes, except story mode and maybe some team battles. It's great for manic multiplayer, though. "Eat Hospital, bitch!" Very silly and satisfying.

Get Timesplitters 2 for Multiplayer and single player. I have spent the past 2 weeks playing this game. You can unlock over 100 characters for use in multiplayer. It has power-ups and you can build your own levels in the games.

This is the best MP shooting game for the Gamecube. There is nothing that compares to this on that console.

I've got TimeSplitters 2, I'm just trying to pick up another cool game for cheap. Turok looks to have a lot of cool stuff going on in it.

Fuck it, I've already ordered Turok. Thanks though.


Very correct.
Eternal Darkness is one of the best games I've ever played, period.

I suggest you smoke a ton of pot, then play Eternal Darkness with the lights off. And have a couple of drinks while yer at it.

Guaranteed to scare the piss out of you.

I LOVE ETERNAL DARKNESS!!! I have never played a game that f**ks with your brain like this one does. Try not to make your sanity meter get too low or you'll start losign your sanity (literally).

It's worth every penny.