Cheap Games at Blockbuster

Don't know about other stores, but my local BB (Lawrence, MA) has been running an awesome sale the last few weeks. They have Buy 1 get 1 Free for all of their used games under $14.99

So far I have picked up:

Xbox 360:

Bully Scholarship Edition $9.99
Beatles Rockband $6.99 (!)
The Orange Box $14.99

Drawn to Life $9.99

God of War 3 $14.99
DarkSiders $9.99

Cost a total of $67.00 - 50% = $33.00

$33 for 6 outstanding games (two of which, The Orange Box and GOW3, are on the short list of the highest ranked games ever).

This deal is more of a steel than a sale. Gives me a taste of what it must feel like to be Gamestop, buying used games.

damn dude great hit!

They had a bunch of other good games I passed on. Too many new games, not enough time. Off the top of my head, I also saw

Bayonetta $9.99 ($5)

Battlefield 2 $14.99 ($7.50)

White Night Chronicles $12.99 ($6.50)

Virtua Tennis 3 $6.99 ($3.50)

ha, I picked up GOW3 and BFBC2 for XBox. $14.99 total
thanks for the tip

Good grabs. Battle Field was my favorite shooter from last year. Spend the $10.00 on VIP. It comes with a slew of new maps, and is worth the $ imo.