Cheap gas grill recomendation?

I just moved into an apt bymyself and need to get myself a new grill. Looking for something on the cheaper end, maybe $150 tops. Is this possible? It will be going on my balcony. I don't need anything too big as its mostly just for me. I will probably grill once or twice a week. Maybe less.


try the weber q. i have one on my fire escape.

Yeah, that Weber or similar knockoff is a good bet.  Weber Q was America's Test Kitchen's top pick for portable grills.  You may as well get a well made travel grill rather than a rickety home model. 

The ones that look like these

That's one annoying-as-balls site though.

Weber Q 120 is $150. 

BBQ grillware?
42,000 BTU 3 Burner Gas Grill @ Lowes - $199

Consumer Reports best buy.