Cheap Gi in Las Vegas?

Hi Everybody,

I've been training nogi for a few years, but I've never trained in the Gi.

My instructor approached me about testing for blue belt at the end of the month, and told me to get a gi. The only problem is, I don't really have the money to buy a $100+ gi right now.

I should be an A4, Does anyone know where to get an inexpensive gi in Las Vegas?

Or maybe someone here in Vegas has a used one they could sell me?


I highly recommend getting a cheap judo gi. You can pick one up for $40-$60 at any martial arts store.

I think the cheapest they have at OTM is $100. If you care about training in the gi just save up and get one that fits well and not just one based on price. Keep an eye on, sometimes they have Fuji's on sale for $60. Where do you train? Phone Post

I train at Robert Drysdale's, I've never even had a gi on, so I don't think I would know what 'fits well' even feels like.

As far as the judo gi suggestion, Are there differences between judo and jj gis? Would I be the dummy in the wrong gi?

And maybe a dumb question, do I have to buy a white belt too?

Judo go is really just a bandaid to your situation to be honest. It is cut different and will fit differently of course. I have never seen anyone get flack from students or instructors for wearing a judo gi. If you are worried about getting looked at funny or something like that then I would recommend getting a cheap Bjj gi. $100 is really as good as it gets as far as going into a store and picking one up.

You need to buy a white belt, unless the gi comes with one. Phone Post

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Ask Sonny to sell you an extra one of his gi's.