Cheap mat

Me and my 2 boys started taking Hapkido classes and I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheap way to make a workout mat. We have a piece of carpet in the basement about the right size but didn't know what to use for padding underneath and didn't know about carpet burns.

yeh I use carpet just get the shit you put under the carpet and get some good duct tape and tape them together. And tape the whole top of the mat so it looks like duct tape mat. DID THAT MAKE SENSE kthxdie

who needs mats? do out in the street and toughen your body up!


push-ups and sit-ups in broken glass is "the" thing

I do not know if this what you are looking for, obviously it would have to be modified / reduced for your own needs.

Buy a couple tarps(look around for one that's not too slick, but not too rough). Buy some carpet padding($$) and make it whatever thickness/size you want. Tell the guy at Home Depot what you are doing, that you need an adhesive that will flex with the mat but hold it together. After that, it's fairly self-explanatory.