Cheap round timer or substitute?

Does anyone know of a cheap timer to use for rounds? The boxing ones I've seen are nearly $100. Or can anyone recommend a cheap substitute for a round timer?



I am looking for a software round timer if any has ideas...

I'm pretty sure Ringside had a CD that sounds out round times. Or it would not be too hard to make your own, this is assuming that your workout area has a CD player.

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go to walmart and get a cooking timer you can set the rounds for as long as u want and they only cost between 8 to 11 bucks. Screw paying 100 bucks for something that makes a noise every 2 or 3 minutes

The problem w/ CDs is that you can't change the interval times...

I got one at ringside that only cost like 40 dollars. does every thing the big one does but looks like a pager and runs on batterys.

Forgive me, I'm gonna ttt my own thread to look for some other ideas. I think the PRIDE results drove this thread ttb.

Get some dude with a watch to yell "DING DING" at selected intervals. Give him a Pepsi for his efforts.