Cheap things to do in Oahu?

We're due for our first big snowstorm on Monday, so thank dog my wife and I are leaving for Hawaii that morning!  We've been together since we were in highschool but we've never gone on a real vacation.  My wife was born there and has some things she'd like to do, but she hasn't been back for years and I never have.  We spent most of what little money we had getting there.  We have a place to stay (near Kailua, I believe) and I believe we will have a car, but we won't be leaving Oahu.  Neither of us drink, so bars and clubs really aren't our scene.

What are some cheap or free activities that you wouldn't want to skip over there?  Are there any good hikes that might not be super crowded?


there's a ton of ocean around there.

You should post this on the Hawaii Ground but hiking is good free activity. Most popular and crowded ones are Diamond Head, Koko Head, and Makapuu lighthouse/ tide pools. But there tons of trails in the valleys like Nuuanu/Pali and Manoa. Aiea loop trail is pretty well known but you can do it without seeing too much people. Pretty far from Kailua though. The popular one in that area is called Pillbox. Phone Post 3.0

I lived there for 5 years. My advice is don't go to one of those Luas in Oahu. Wit for another trip when you go visit Maui for Luas.

This time of year it is between seasons. Whales have not arrived yet and it does get cooler. But the waves on the north shore are coming in.

Next to driving around the island you should go to Waikiki beach to surf. This is on the south side of Oahu and you won't see any big surf. The best place in the world to learn to surf.. The wave just pushes gently along for long rides. They rent the surfboards on the beach. Probably the most memorable thing you will do on your trip.

Of course if there is a swell go to Banzai Pipeline Beach and watch the surfers. The winter surf has started on the north shore so you might get lucky and get that perfect early swell!!!!!!!!! Don't miss on that if you hear there is a swell coming. Plan you day around that for the north shore...oh and swells do not stick around long.. so it is not something you can postpone till the next day.

Eat at the shrimp trucks, followed by shave ice in Haleiwa. Phone Post 3.0