cheapest country to get plastic surgery

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What could possibly go wrong?

I am not getting a full facelift or reconstructive surgery or even a nose job. just a little skin stretched around the mouth and chin.. A little snip snip and they are done.

The only thing that I am concerened about is the anastesciolgist and how good he/she is.

bogotá or tijuana

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colubrid1 - I am 55 and want a facelift but can't afford one here in the U.S.. I know that places like Brazil is the capital of plastic surgery. But I checked prices and they ain't so cheap anymore.

So I was wondering about other countries like Romania or Spain. Anyone know the best places with the lowest prices?

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if you want cheapest and THE BEST, i heard S Korea. they have a whole industry that specifically caters to plastic surgery tourists.

i'd also be weary of only looking for the cheapest prices. it's your face after all.

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Ham and Egger - India is where Id go. Cost of procedure + skill of doctors... I know there are some doctors in Thailand that charge American prices now.

Okay so now I am going to india.

I am serious about this you guys. I will fly anywhere cause it is free for me with delta Airlines.

Look into Doctors in Visakaphatnam. Medical tourism is huge there and its a beautiful city.

I think someone made this thread already. It's something like: Top Ten Places to Never Get Plastic Surgery. Phone Post 3.0

Do a two for one, find the cheapest tattoo shop and the cheapest plastic surgery place, save money, profit! Phone Post 3.0