Cheapest parking near Royale Hawaiian Blvd?

start work on Tuesday.

need options.

junon - start work on Tuesday.

need options.

Where are you working exactly? Where did they tell you to park? When I worked at the sheraton, there was a company that operated out of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center parking lot that offered monthly parking and you had to park on levels 6 and above.

Lua'ula St.

I hate parking in Waikiki

Ride                               DA BUS

last time i rode the bus was after waking up in the grave yard next to Kahala Zippys.

stumble over to the bus stop.

come to find the fare was like $2.

times have changed.

 zombie junon? even a zombie can afford a $60 bus pass... or are they $75 now? Shouldnt be a problem for the undead.

monthly pass island colony and walk down seaside to work?

Park at Ala Moana Center and use a razor to ride to work. Free!

holy fuck i need to open my eyes.

$30 for 5 hours.

Samoan lady working the booth took pitty and gave me $5 discount.

7 dollars for 10 hours at the old waikiki imax (seaside)