Cheapest place to find used cell phone?

So my kid broke her phone. She doesnt have an upgrade til December so she has to get a used phone until then. I'm not looking to spend a shload, maybe 150-200. We're on Verizon but I'd be willing to take what I can get and throw her on a straight talk prepaid or something til then. Aside from craigslist, where's the spot for a deal on a smartphone?

In. My phones bout to bite it. Phone Post 3.0

Id get her a burner phone from the corner store and have her buy the minutes. Hell, the phone too. 40 bucks at most and thd cost of the minutes. Not much, but it might sting enough to avoid broken phones in future. Phone Post 3.0

Bummer. I just sold my Verizon Galaxy S4 for $50. I'm sure others on here probably have used phones sitting around though. Phone Post 3.0

Buy a Verizon prepaid phone but just activate it on her old number on your regular account. Phone Post 3.0

I am on verizon and did not have an upgrade until next month. Went to best buy to see what prices I would be looking at when my date came

Got a 5s for $45. They have a new plan type called Edge I believe. I would go in and check it out or you can even research it online via your account.

My daughter was not due for another 6 months and could do the same thing. Phone Post 3.0

ttt for the day crew Phone Post 3.0

Ebay Phone Post 3.0