cheasapeke bay retrievers

anyone have one? when im done school and can afford a dog im thinking about getting one


If your'e still checking this thread...

I had some friends that had them. F'ing great dogs, but you really need to live near or even on the water to keep them happy. They're like a roided Lab, they'll swim all day in rough freezing water and love it. There's nothing I can say bad about them, maybe they're not as playfull as a Lab and they are more hard headed.


If you're still looking at this thread, I have a friend who has had several of them.

They were bred to hunt in freezing water that labs could't deal with, and then guard the catch afterwards. They have a protective side to them, and can be somewhat aggressive. Hairy dog, but a good retriever. Didn't seem like a tough dog to train (at least, compared to the breed that I like).