Cheat Meal Sundays

As most of you already know I've been dieting hard for the past year or so and I'm f****** starving. 

Today is the day i go all out and  I limit myself to absolutely nothing regarding my once-a-week, all you can eat festivities.


Pancakes, waffles, ice cream, greasy diabetes-inducing Chinese food, anything goes.


Give me some cheat meal recommendations.

You could always do what the Rock did on one of his cheat days. 12 pancakes, four whole pizzas, and 21 brownies.

Then you'll need a bucket.

I'm craving all you can eat sushi right now.  Is it even safe to eat? Last thing i want is a Chinaman coughing covid on my raw fish.

I used to go bonkers on mine. Very random too.

Bowl of kid's cereal, tuna sandwich, hamburger, hotdog, choc chip pancakes, ice cream, large pizza, fruit by the foot.


Once a week is a lot

Paging KingSchlong

What's on the menu today, Gents?

I'm craving some extra greasy, diabetes-inducing Chinese takeout.

LukeJitsu -

Once a week is a lot

Just as long as i meet my weekly weight loss requirements i'm good. 

also some cheeseburgers and poutine. 

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Fish and chips

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When i first started diet i would crave cake, candy ,  chocolate etc.

Now i crave  sushi, rice, spicy noodles buttered buns, sourdough toast