Check OUT Chuck!! Nice guy thread

Taryn Robinson was walking in Grover Beach to a friend's house to watch Chuck "Iceman" Liddell in the Ultimate Fighting Championship a few weeks ago when she was struck by the driver of a dark-colored sedan.

Robinson, 21, is now recovering in a rehabilitation center in Goleta from major head trauma, two broken legs, fractured vertebrae and many cuts and bruises suffered in the hit-and-run incident.

Meanwhile, her parents are trying to deal with the $6,000-a-week bill from the center, Solutions at Santa Barbara. Mom Mindy Robinson says the facility is helping to restore her daughter's short-term memory and to make the transition back into daily life. Taryn Robinson will likely spend four to five weeks there and then move back into her parents' Grover Beach home.

"She's a fighter," Mindy Robinson said. Her daughter's doctors said they're confident she'll walk normally again, despite the titanium rods inserted temporarily into each leg.

To help with the bills, friend Jill Jackson has organized a barbecue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday at the Mid-State Bank & Trust parking lot. Tickets are $10; other donations will be gladly accepted.

Taryn Robinson will be at the barbecue, friends said.

Liddell -- a San Luis Obispo native who captured the UFC light heavyweight championship the day Taryn Robinson was hit -- also will be there, said friend Courtney Vanderlinden. "He canceled a prior engagement to support Taryn," she said.




wow that is horrible what happened, hope she makes a full recovery.


your right anna, your thread is way better.

Extremely nice of Chuck to do this. They set up a tip jar somewhere? I'll pitch in if Chuck thinks it's a worthwhile cause :)

A fund also has been set up for Taryn Robinson; donations can be made at any Mid-State Bank & Trust.




I'm going to see if I can get my boyfriend to stop by and get a picture of them for the forum.

I'll try to get more information on the account to deposit in at Mid State Bank.

Chuck loves small animals also.


Chuck is and always will be a class act!


Is that OMA in the pic? Yeah that is pretty cool of chuck. I hope that lady makes a full recovery.

shane dont be shitty


This is a nice guy thread. ;)

Much respect for Chuck.

Pokes Shane in the eye

Good for Liddell. It is nice to see fighters helping people.

UPDATE: Chuck should be at the Grover Beach Mid state bank with Taryn right now. If you are even close, drop by, say hi to Chuck and help this girl out!

I know it was a hit and run, I never heard anything else.


I'll check on that for you.


Chuck is a nice guy and that dog is cute as well, I hope your friend has
a speedy recovery.

Shane is still a dick and the #1 Iceman basher.

I feel so sorry for the girl. Very sad news. I hope she makes a full recovery. Also, Chuck is a great man for what he is doing.