Check out Kotzen's tone

pretty nice-

I love his Forty Duece CD.

Armbreaker, do you have Forty Deuce- Nothing to Lose?
Amazing album with a couple slow spots. I couldn't say if there is any spped picking of note,but Oh My God is based one of the best riffs around. Too bad he has to say the F word all thru it, thus killing any chance of airplay.

Sadly, I think Richie must have a strong self destructive bent. He seems to sabatoge situations. I heard somepace that he took up with the wife of one of his Poison bandmates, essentially torpedoing that gig, but I have nothing to verify that.

Kotzen is great- I have a bunch of his albums. His first album was pretty insane. He went from a Shrapnel shredder to a really good all-around player.

He replaced both Paul Gilbert and CC DeVille in bands. I wonder if he had to woodshed to get up to par for CC's chops (that's sarcasm, folks). On the other hand, to replace Paul Gilbert is really saying something about how good he is.

He's also an OK singer sometimes and other times not so much- his singing sounds a lot like Michael Bolton on a few songs of his Mother Head's Family Reunion CD.

He's one player that I haven't seen play live and would like to.

That song has a chorus that will never be radio ready:

Oh my God,I fucked up again

My whole life is the same mistake

And I try, and I try just to fight my way out

But I know that I fucked up again

The acoustic bit that he plays on the Native Tongue disc is pretty damn cool. It's too bad that he stole Rikki Rocket's girl -- he was way better than CC. I saw them on that tour and he smoked.

Bruce Anthony Cecil Johannesson aka C.C DeVille doesn't even belong in the same sentence with Richie except as a footnote(ie preceded him in Poison). Worst guitar solo I have EVER seen was by that guy.Thankfully it wasn't live, I think it was on youtube or someplace like that.

The solo I was refering to was the "band goes off stage while the guitar player wanks endlessly" type. It was excruciating. :(