Check out my Altofsky knife

Well… not really. In fact that’s what the NRA stands for “Not really Altofsky”

Don’t be jealous fellas!

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Not good-natured

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Judge Ok GIF by truTV’s Those Who Can’t


Just got mine in today.


I like knives because I can cut burlap into the proper size and shape to make a burlap sack.

That knife got a good edge on it?

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dammit that’s awesome. immediately jealous.

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My burlap cutting knife actually has burlap handle scales.

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@spjackson77 got a package today too!


Have already put it to use a few times!


It’s your finest work yet I must say…

Show us a pic man!

How does it work on Human skin? Asking for a friend.

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Pepperidge farm remembers

Edit: it’s been over year since I’ve cut someone (or myself) with an Alto knife so I can’t comment. But i do remember fanboy cutting his thumb off.

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Did you you neuter yourself with it?


Can you make one that fits your head ?

I’ll PM yeah, I might need one of the folders… after the other thing is done of course…

What did you get? Let’s see some pics!

I like how Alto includes a single pubic hair with each purchase.

You just don’t get that kind of service most places anymore.

Is there a certificate of authenticity with that?