Check out my brothers band

The producer for the band he drums for in Japan is interested in his music, so he got some free studio time and recorded this song, along with a few others.I dig it. The working title of his band is 'Leon Grover.' They wanted it to sound like an old blues guys name so they named it after their cats.Lemme know what you think.The Other Shore

Okay, its up now.

Lemme know what you think.

I think it sounds like 3 parts Jane's Addiction + 1 part Red Hot Chili Peppers + 1 part the blues

and i think i like it

I never noticed that until you pointed it out. I always hear a big Lennon influence when I listen to his stuff. I was tring to upload some more tunes, but Iuma really bites the bag these days.

Wow, nice. Not my cup o soup, but sounds great. Whats with the string noise on the left side only. Could it be a George Martin thing?

Boo La


Very nice.

It reminds me of Blindmelon a bit. I definitely dig it.

Blind Melon eh? What gives you that impression, the vocals or the instumentation? Just curious.*edit*Here is another one:She Came Smiling

She Came Smiling = The Beatles meets Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger".

it's alright, but I like "The Other Shore" a lot better.

I totally agree.

He gets 'beatlevision' at times. I liked his MC5 phase better, lol.

Here is the final installment so far.This one has a really cool vibe. THe vocals crack me up a little, it was written and sung by my brothers bandmate.Bye Bye JohnnyYou got anything new Mangler?

my hard drive that i do my recording sessions on is Fucked, so i haven't been able to finish any new songs real recently. Did i ever put up my blues song, "Ain't Got No Woman"? Maybe you haven't heard it; I'll put it up. And I'll listen to "Bye Bye Johnny" in an hour or so - I'm leaving work to go home in about 10 minutes.

Working Saturday sucks ass, but the overtime $ are nice.

Leon Grover is a group of capable musicians, but I don't like "Bye Bye Johnny" much at all. The guy's voice is too whiny & he's speaking spanish so I can't understand WTF he's singing. The music is alright but IMO the vocals & music clash instead of supporting each other.

I just put up my most recent song. It's an electric blues song called "Ain't Got No Woman". Here is the page with all 4 of my songs i've uploaded:

If DasBeaver or a bluenamer could post a link directly to "Ain't Got No Woman" I'd appreciate it.

Did you have any trouble uploading those?Ain't got no womanTheMangler13's pageI agree, I do like the vibe of that one though. I don't know why the japanese guy is singing in spanish, thats really wierd!IMO, japanese is a difficult language to sing rock music in, it just sounds too gentle or something. Same goes for french. German is probably the best rock language.

Hey, thats pretty cool. Its got that old 'Beatles-blues crunch.' The singer is stating to sound a little bit like Robert Gordon (meant as a compliment).

Good stuff.

I didn't have any trouble uploading "Ain't Got No Woman", but I did try to upload another song that came out as 0 mb TWICE, so I gave up on that one.

I'm the singer. Who is Robert Gordon?

Yeah, thats what keep happening to me. I go back and edit it and it still takes two or three tries sometimes.I didn't realise you were the singer. Robert Gordon is a cool old rockabilly revivalist singer/songwriter. He wrote 'fire' which was later covered by the Pointer Sisters and Springsteen. Sort of like a violent Elvis.Some clips courtesy of amazon:link