Check out my Interview..., Joe McFarlane and Charles McCarthy are there too.

Click on the December Issue 5 of their online magazine.


I thought it was going to be in Fruitcake Monthly? :) Nice job Mike!...Joe

good stuff

"...and I would like to thank my other friend that is like a brother to me, BZLJJ."

Thanks, Mike! :)

Ron, i left you out because you won't let me come to Iowa anymore :(

That's it Cuff, it's def. on! lol
Dont forget about me for RF6!!!!!!


There's no mention of syphilis in that interview...

"Ron, i left you out because you won't let me come to Iowa anymore :("

You are SCARED to come back to Iowa! I think we beat on you too hard! ;) lol

Ps. I accept your apology! :)



Well, did we beat on you too hard?


ttt for Mike's interview


Well besides Jeremy Horn making me feel like i was the worst fighter on the planet....Iowa was fun :)


How about BZLJJ beating on you? ;)

hmm, i can't recall that part of my trip to Iowa, i think i might have went whiskey blind and passed out for that part.


ttt for Big Mike C.

ttt for Pookie, btw did you ever marry that chick? j/k

I think Mikey has a NEW chick? ;) lol!

By the way...LOL @ your sarcasm on the phone last night!!! :)

I do have a new chick....well kinda, nothing too serious!

LOL @ Pookie......that chick is history....i finally got the crazy psycho girl outta my life!!!!! It was hard but somehow i did it, and i'm soo much better off now for it!



Cool interview, man. Good luck!