Check Out Rolling Stones "Hip Hop Experts"

Remember when Gawker or some sort said Seinfeld was racist and had no blacks but then their entire editorial board had no diversity. The defense? All those white guys are Jewish so it’s a lot of minorities.

Rolling stone should be ashamed. The lack of black representation is appalling. Glad it got called out

White Jewish people have been running hip hop for a while

Most hip hop labels (def jam), esp the “real” and “underground” type labels (Rawkus) were all founded by white / jewish suburban kids


Remember Lynor Cohen would call them N words to their face

Has anyone heard of this guy little dicky? He’s fat

If they don’t have Supreme Clientele from Ghostface it is an invalid list.

im white as fuck and love hip hop

i dont give a shit about the “culture”

music culture is for tweeners, dreamers and losers

Rolling Stone is a joke !

Missy Elliott was like a top 5 song or some bullshit !

The article about the mattress girl etc …

When I was a kid it was a cool rag & now it’s for fags !

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Rolling Stone has gone from being a music and lifestyle magazine to a vehicle for the far left activist politics of it’s contributors.

Member when Rolling Stone was sued for millions following the ‘Rape on Campus’ hoax? I member.

You can tell the Best Buy front checkout manager looking woman lower left really knows the struggle most out of all of them.


Come Bust a move where the games are played. It’s cool, it’s hip, it’s Noah’s Arcade.



Sexy Music Video GIF by Megan Thee Stallion

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surprised they all don’t have masks and/or Ukrainian flags in their headshots.

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Yep, it’s ridiculous. To be deep in hip hop culture you have to have been shot and have at least one murderous friend in the penitentiary who you have love for

If they aren’t listing Kool G Rap as the GOAT and pioneer for modern rap delivery and flow it is also an invalid list.

Pretty sure bottom row second from left is @JackMerridew

Not even poor urban blacks can understand the struggle of those still working in print media.

Diamond D. Stunts, blunts and hip hop as well.

It takes a nation should have been #1