check out this 3 year old.

possibly the worst start to a thread lol


Malachy Friedman - possibly the worst start to a thread lol


 Honestly that kids mad crisp, his footwork might be better then mine!

Thats pretty insane


I bet he could easily drop a 4th-grader..

OK OK! I'll fight him if the moneys right!!!!

4later Phone Post

fucking A
Kid is got nice hands.

Does anyone else think that this could be really bad for that kids joints to be experiencing such shock at such a young age?


Ensanity - Thats pretty insane

Wow, great job little man. I like the way he steps in and really turns his hips for the punches at 1.50 forward

man I don't know about a bad thread. this is really old but still pretty damn impressive

I used to have a Boxing league for kids, back in the 1980's, and I saw little black kids just as talented, livin in the projects, in my hometown.

That's impressive, I hope he remains healthy and as impressive when he is 23.

Great thread title