Check out this band

Here is the link to a mate's heavy metal band from Down Under their music is awesome.

Whoa, thats some heavy shit!

Pretty good stuff. The clip I listened to had a really nice balance between the brutality I love and the melody that keeps the brutality from getting old.

Any major label (by metal standards) interest in these guys yet? I'm not that familiar with Cartel Media, but they only have 3 bands on their roster.

These Guys have played live for the first time earlier this year. So far the response has been awesome.

But they have not had any major labels contact them yet. They have been reviewed by some of the big Death metal mags in europe. They have been asked to tour Sweden and Germany, but the catch was that they had to pay there own way over and back. But the way that the band is going I don't think that it will take long before a major metal label signs them up. There web site has only been up for four or five months and they've already had nearly ten thousand hits.