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And to me, knowing nothing about climbing, it would seem that the most challenging part of climbing without ropes is that once you start, you have to be able to successfully figure out each and every footing and section until you reach the top. You have to somehow overcome every single dilemma on your way up. Because it's not like you can turn around and climb down. You HAVE to make it all the way to the top.

yep...fuck that.

Yup, not tapping out once you start.  That's submission game all the way.

I'm mean I could be wrong...maybe you can climb back down 2000 feet if you get stuck...but it doesnt seem likely.

Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me.  Then again it may seem ridiculous to roll around with sweaty men trying to choke you.   Then there's jiujitsu............

Shit....this crappy site timed out while e i thumbtyped a long ass post about getttijg old and hunting, almoat dying and using a fixed bkade knife as a piton.


Obviously my peasant ass dont climb,  ut up until mid-40s, we did stupid shit on high angle rocky faces chasing sheep or goats. Old amphiteater headed valleys start steep, 5hen widen and slope mauka to makai......FUN! Leeward ones means rocks and only sparse scrub brush. And yeah, when you sometimes end up climbing instead of walking on a face, all you see is what in front of you. After half an hour of climbing 20yds to get where you can walk again, you feel a combination of exaustion a d exhileration. Slip and you in for a long tumble and only a lucky outcropping gonna stop you.....HARD. I think i havesome nice pics from bowhunt, but i recently went through a hoardersz purging, clea ing and orga izing of the house, so if i find them I'll send to moke to post.


Would be cool if he was also a base jumper....and jumped to get down!!




Sgt. Slaphead -

Would be cool if he was also a base jumper....and jumped to get down!!




Nah, bungee better. 

LOL....OWCH on rebound


I always wanted to bungee...Asshat 0s got ahold of me before I could jump tolofofo. ITS A FUCKING TOURIST ATTRACTION, HOW FUCKING DANGEROUS COULD IT BE!?!?!


Funniest one... I negotiated a good price and was about to inspect a d repack rig in a shopping mall parking lot to skydive fron ultralight onto beach in thailand and 2 army 0s came vagina screaming and ru ning.