Check out this pass to armbar (Multinho adcc)

Milton Viera in the ADCC Trials 

The whole match is good, but check at around 1:50 until the end. Insane!

Miltinho is competing in the 76.9 Kg weight class at ADCC in the most stacked division of the tournament, including Marcelo Garcia


I love a flying anything. Well done Milton Viera.

Gonna try that in class.

That was beautiful.

jebus, i can only dream of pulling that off.

nice, that was like a rolling footlock but done on the arm.

he front flipped into nearly giving up his back but is such a badass that he just turned over into north south.


 wow that was original

looked like something tokoro would try

J-LauFan1 - couldnt really follow the move but it looked really risky

 Multinho is known for being able to escape those situations though .He often goes for high risk moves and he is almost never caught.

I think its crazy to try those moves in an actual match unless you really are that good...but he has reached the level where he can do it.

If I tried that I am sure id have my back taken quickly