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Tony, hope all is well with you and your family. Thought I would let you in on a thread that is going on at Paul Bax's website. A guy you may know named Ron Prather is making statements about you in regards to a book he was attempting (and I believe still is) to publish about self defense. I prodded him to answer a question regarding it and he was pretty deregatory about you. In any case, I wanted to alert you to it. Ron is not very well liked or respected in the JKD world...and I would doubt in any other for that matter, but it would be interesting to see you thoughts on that matter!

Bryan Smith

p.s. here is what he said, copied from the forum

"Weeeell, the book is in its 4th revision, and quite frankly is better than most of the crap out there now that claims to be "reality-based". A major publishing company is hashing it over as we speak. AN offer has been made, but I haven't accepted yet. We'll see next month when I need to make a definite decision. Thanks for asking.

As far as Blauer, he couldn't back up his allegations and fell silent pretty quickly.Funny how mister "intelligent" sounded more like a teenager typing with his toes in his emails than the pillar of progressive thinking." is the website, the actual thread is under "JKD Forum II" then go to the thread "Is the JKD Era over?"

Consider the source.

I feel dumber for having gone to the site and read his posts.

Thanks Bryan. Thanks Fletch. (Fletch shame on your for falling for b-
level marketing)

Dont know either of the guys actually, had some rude emails with one
of them awhile back when Matt Thornton had some internet run-in
with him...someone sent me a PDF copy of one of the aboves manual
which had several items verbatin stuff out of my PDR (10 Street fighting
Guides) Manual. He was very clever in re-wording things :-) (eg He
called Ballistic Micro-fights, Micro Ballistic Fights and other innovative
switches) *yawn* "they only tackle the guy with the ball". As for the
the allegations of my allegations, I have no clue what this is
about...sounds oh so scary and as far as me typing with my toes, I
swear that's untrue. In fact I think thats impossible to...typing with
your toes that is, I mean thats an impossible feet :-)


" I mean thats an impossible feet :-) "


This kind of thing is like karate cult politics. Who cares. If any of these guys had aspirations of proving that they can fight they would at least have done an amateur grappling event or... something. Or filmed a sparring session even. The guys at even did that.