Check out your local SuncoastVideo

I was in the Mall the other day and was surprised to see how many NHB Videos they had. What surprised me most was the Price on the early Pride fights, I think Pride 1-10 were $9.99!(DVD's) I usually can get UFC or pride for only 5% over cost, because my girlfreind is a manager at Tower records.

I was surprised how cheap they were, so I called her up and according to the system at Tower, that price was below cost. They also had another promtion EFC or something and king of the cage pretty cheap too!

So check that out at Suncoast and maybe sam goody/same company! I don't recall seeing a price close to that anywhere else for these DVD's

thanks for the info. i'll swing by there on my way home.

yup thanks for the info.


They have been that price for a few months now. Good find. The pride GP is 14.95 too.


no fuckin suncoast/sam goody where i am!!!!

They also have all the new UFC dvd's for cheap.....and, a couple UA shows on DVD.

"no fuckin suncoast/sam goody where i am!!!!'

u can order it from their website

suncoast/sam goody here sucks.

fortunately Tower Video is pretty good.

ttt media that a store or website?

no the gp opening rd and finals are 14.99