Check this Eiffel Tower Panorama

Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower Sized Fail?

Oh, and I'm just going to take a guess:


ttt for Greg Honda, one of the best photogs in all of MMA.

he's earned the right to fail every now and then.

Greg's the man!

Honda built.

Sorry about that, here it is >Eiffel Tower Panorama

You never have to apologize to dicks like me on the UG, we know our place. We jump out of our caves to take cheap shots then run away giggling like school girls.

Cool photo. Is it just something you found online, or do you have some connection to the photo/photographer?

 Is that a boob?


Just something I "stumbled upon." And yes I did post this in the wrong forum, it was ment to be posted in the Hawaii Ground.