Check this kid out...


His name is Nick Newell. i saw him last week fight at the in Springfield Mass.All I have to say is despite having a serious reach advantage in one arm, this kid is a real fighter.A High school wrestler and a student of MMA Nick resents any type of pity and pulls more than his own weight. I have all the respect in the world for him and cant wait to see him fight again. He lost a 3 round decision to a gabriel gonzaga Team Link fighter named Vincius Agudo, but though it he almost knocked the kid out and escaped a full-hooked rear naked choke..which is more than I can say for Frank Trigg. gives full props to nick Newell and hope he will inspire us again.



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I'm impressed, good luck to this kid

I know, the entire fight I was real worried, but he really could whoop ass

at one point he got in some ground and pound with the short arm...and it looked like it was doing real damage.

i bet he has some sick footwork having to vary from crosses n jabs

droplogic may be right. It hit folks with more of an elbow.


lucky fin

 WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would imagine that his losing opponent would never live down comments about the one-armed guy that kicked his ass.

Amazing. Good for him.

That's awesome. Some people don't let anything hold them back.

Next time I see him I will keep you posted

I have a police friend with a stump arm. He says he can articulate it like a punch, but it hits like an elbow.

 That is another outstanding competitor from Jeremy Libiszewski's


Makes me think anything is possible, and I shouldn't feel sorry for myself.

Much respect.

very inspiring, must have a very strong work ethic. more power to him.

Very cool.