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Training HARD!



Congrats on gettin' some notice.

Out of curiousity, at the level of woman's boxing you are at now, how does the purse compare to MMA?

We all have pictures of the top heavyweight PPV purses, but wondering about journeyman boxing, in particular for women.

Hi Mushu!!!

Kosta, thanks.

Wildcard... the money is pretty comparable. I am not making huge amounts yet, but I am doing pretty good. They (mma and boxing) are paying about the same right now.


good to see your pretty face, getting some press

Congrats on the notice :D


:) Thank you very much, but it's not my "pretty face" getting the press really. It's my mad boxing skills!! You guys should try to make it out...


ttt for the pretty face!

shelby, your am i...we should get together some time to train, dine and dance. =)

-Joe MacFarlane- Ferrara Vale Tudo

Shelby, I didn't see you on that page. Where are you mentioned on it?

By the way, congratulations on your successful transition to boxing.

Never mind, I didn't notice that Shelbygirl's first post on this thread was from November 5th. Can someone summarize what it was?

nice!!! best of luck in the future.