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thanks for looking and happy holidays all around the world!

It was spam and it was unnecessary. Hope the rest of this post is helpful to you.

You should have just posted a thread titled "New gis for sale". Then in the body of the message you could have wrote something to the effect.

"If any of the forum members are thinking about buying a new gi, please take the time to visit my site. I'm trying to start this business, and I'm offering good quality gis at an attractive price. I'd appreciate it if you would consider my gi for your next purchase. Here is the link to my website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me or ask me here. Thanks for your time."

Other members have posted when they were conducting seminars, selling DVD's or tapes etc. They were upfront about what they were doing. I believe they got positive feedback.

If you believe that your original post serves your needs better in this forum, well, so be it. Far be it from me to tell someone how to conduct their business.

But I think you would have gotten a better response by being forthright. Just my opinion.

Hi MikeSwainFan,

Here's the point.

You are starting a business and want to be successful. If you are going to be successful long term, you have to gain the trust of potential customers and then keep it.

Often, the first impression is the only one you will get to make. Better make it a good one.

You are marketing through the internet. If you haven't read about it lately, there is an increasing hostility towards marketing through spam. It is becoming less effective every new day.

Nearly all users of the internet have a negative perception of companies that use the spam method for advertising. It brings up thoughts of fly-by-night, unethical types of operations or businesses. Even the hint that you ar spamming is enough to leave a bad impression.

There are other gi manufacturers and importers that have participated on forums. Never have I seen them use spam as a technique to bring customers to their website.

One of them was Howard Liu of Howard Combat Kimonos. I used to converse with him often on another forum. Howard offered an excellent product. I have bought gis from him for my sons. Always satisfied with the product.

If Howard had ever used spam as a method to market, I wouldn't have done business with his company. That's just me. But I think others feel the same way when they are marketed by spam.

Instead of feeling offended by comedian's post or searching for validation from some other members, think real carefully about the best way to build your business, the impression you want to make on others and the service you want to provide.

First of all, I know you are trying. That's why I'm making the effort to try and help you. Its not my nature to want someone to fail at what they do. For some reason, you think I'm attacking you when I'm not. I've tried to explain to you why some people find this type of marketing offensive; and yet, you go on and on about it.

As for my own business success, I've done ok. The SEC considers me an accredited investor if that means anything. Probably means less than its supposed to. As for Howard Liu, I have no idea about the health of his business. Merely mentioned him as a person who was on an internet forum, has been around for awhile and was able to get my business. I was trying to give you an example of how to participate on a forum and then turn it into a business opportunity. Sorry if you missed that.

You should learn from some of the examples of what happens here at MMA.TV and take it to heart. The internet is a very useful tool to reach an audience. But if you are not prepared to run the business in a professional manner, it can come back to bite you in the ass.

Look at the DVD/PPV disaster of Whoopasstv. Now those guys might have had the best intentions in the world, but have you read all the disgruntled posters who were dissatisfied with the product? How many people will give them a second chance? Will they even be around for a second chance? The guys who were supporting them are all walking away from their earlier recommendations. There have been many other posts about people unhappy with either customer service or product. Shit, some guys have reported them to state agencies in CT. If you go through the archives, you can read people complaining about other internet sales based companies.

You are right. Rome isn't built in a day, and neither are viable businesses that can stand the test of time. If you are ethical, offer value at a reasonable price, you can go pretty far. You must consider if the method of advertising will be offensive to a large percentage of your customers. In an internet based sales business model, the idea of using spamming techniques isn't very wise.

As for me being a dumbass, yeah, I guess I am in many ways. My wife and kids certainly think so. But quite seriously, I'm not so dumb as to not know you weren't spamming when you basically post a link in a thread titled "check this out". I clicked on the link just to see what you were selling for curiosity's sake. Didn't read the message though.

Had you come on here and been open about your desire for us to consider your gis, I would have read thoroughly about your offerings, and might have even sent the link to my judo and BJJ friends if I was able to verify the quality of the gi from other members of MMA.TV or acquaintances that might already been using your gi. I certainly would have made the effort to ask you more questions about your gis to learn more about your product.

Again, its your business, run it anyway you want to. Personally, I would want both the positive and negative feedback from the members here if it was my business. I certainly wouldn't get upset about it.

despite posts to the contrary, i actually did mean happy holidays to everyone. i sincerely hope people actually know that. thank you.