Please, call me senoŕ. I’m mexican now!


LOL Great Thread Kirik_Jr!

the “American Dream is Dead” Keeping up with the Jones Contemporary FAUX RICH HIGH DEBT LOW CREDIT SCORE GUN$ and PELOTON$ owning American doesn’t know how to do CheapFancy!

Haha. I was just goofing off. I picked up a pair of cheap shoes because theyre comfy for work.

Nah…my wingmen need to be of a certain height as to not scare the females away

There. Now all is right.

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Bro, I’m a old hermit in the woods. Plus, I have no idea who you are. So I’m not applying for any wingman spots :joy::joy::joy:

Any of your ladies sturdy enough to pull a plow?

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Yeah…it really slams home that comedy with that quoted text has been edited shit.

You’re killing it b!