Cheer me up you f@cks

buried my best friend earlier today, if I go to the bar I'm going to wild each it and plastic paddy come at me bro all over the place and it wont be good....give me some funny pics or jokes while I sit here listening to depressing music, lets keep j out of prison tonight, help a wigga out


Kim and Kanye

Phone Post 3.0

i can help you with depressing music, leonard cohen!

Go dig him up and film weekend at Bernie's 3. It's the right thing to do Phone Post 3.0

Thank you OG thats exactly what I needed

LMAO I'm going to go get a shovel to dig him up while smothered in sunscreen


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dirt24d - Kim and Kanye

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bitch was a freshman when I was senior, went to my school for a semester, who pays attention to the Armo chick with the Uni Brow goddamnit!! I could've pulled her with an 8 ball and my house of pain steelo's! sittin fat over by lake Calabassas with Dre and DJQuick and Chocolate Al


the fat ones actually pretty cool and not nearly as big off camera


this also reminds me of the time I almost started a riot in county when I told a brother that certain people might call it dropping a Rudy Huxtable....

Tell us a little bit about him. Very sorry to hear bro, it got dusty as fuck while typing this. Phone Post

Aaronrodgers=GOAT -  Tell us a little bit about him. Very sorry to hear bro, it got dusty as fuck while typing this. Phone Post


We ran around being assholes from 88 till he started training at Machado's in the Valley around 94-95, changed his life. We were punk ass wannabe gangsters when we were kids,its just the area.  Training changed him into a very positive energy person. Same thing happened for me at different stages of life, much respect to my old boss Mask for helping me with that. Caught a small habit from a blown out knee, had no insuranc etc.,... met a bitch with a worse habit.  He slowly faded away from me over the last year because I didnt approve of what he was doing. I tried to just get him to come out, work out, we could roll in my backyard whatever...lets get our old asses mojo back.... He'd always say yeah we should....


went and saw Anderson lose, he didnt seem to good, I told him dont be a stranger, just come over and play a video game or something, he could smoke his shit in the backyard if he needed to, I just wanted to get him around me so I could get in his ear a little....last time I saw him

Was talking to his friend the day before he died about beating his ass and giving him an intervention, then I put off calling him like I planned that day and..... thats my story

Sorry dude. May he R.I.P. Phone Post


Sunscreen?? You mean pussy lotion? Phone Post

dirt24d - Kim and Kanye

Phone Post 3.0
Ahahaha omg Phone Post 3.0

TX_432 - 

Sunscreen?? You mean pussy lotion? Phone Post


Sorry for your loss man Phone Post 3.0