Cheesesteak: Carmens, Reading market Philly

If a blue would be kind and post this thing of beauty: Phone Post 3.0

Johns roast pork FTW! Phone Post 3.0

can you post my pic my good man?

Or did I fuck the link up?

Kazp306 - That looks tasty, wheres the horseradish??:) Phone Post 3.0

horseradish? is that a thing. Love the stuff but not on my cheesesteak.

That there is a buffalo cheesesteak with american, onions and pickled banana peppers. Tiny bit of ketchup.

It's about 10 bucks.

I do horseradish on the roast pork (dinics). Still haven't had the chance to get to johns.

Thanks RJJH .vtfu. Phone Post 3.0